She pried opened the door and a damp mildew smell from the cellar reached her nostrils the moment she crossed the threshold. As a child she remembered her father conducting experiments and designing odd inventions in the basement. Her mother used to store elderberry and concord grape jams, along with home made relishes and canned vegetables, on wooden shelves that lined the walls. Now they were both gone, and she went to see what remembrances may have been left behind.

On the shelves just around the corner, suspended in viscous fluids, like laboratory specimens, they waited to be discovered. She had no idea that soon she would be confronted with the pickled remains of her lost childhood….

For the last few months I have been cleaning out my parents’ home where they raised a family and lived together for sixty years. I keep coming across little objects that I had long forgotten, like my old valentines that were never sent, a well loved troll doll and a clown cup with eyes that change when it’s tilted. Last week I ventured down into the old cellar where there were some ancient looking vegetables in jars still on the shelves, and old disintegrating boxes with blueprints, diagrams and an odd assortment of objects.

There is still a lot… a lot more junk to sort through.

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