Martha was very anxious about the school science fair this year. She was nervous about everything going well during her demonstration, especially for the judges. If she just remembered to follow the order of “The Scientific Method,” then nothing unexpected should happen. First ask the question: “If you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, then can you also catch other types of insects as well?” Second, construct the hypothesis: “Yes other insects will also be attracted to the honey.” Third, test with an experiment: “Pour honey and vinegar in separate plates, wait and observe.” Lastly, analyze the results and draw a conclusion. She was prepared for anything, what could possibly go wrong?

Still, there was a feeling of suspense in the room she hadn’t calculated for….

Addendum to the story: Martha was not able to complete her experiment that day. She is physically recovering from being ravaged by a Mansquito. Sadly, they say Martha may suffer from more enduring psychological wounds.

I apologize for this one folks. Maybe I’ve got the psychological problem!