The first thing I thought of when learning of the I.F. prompt “prepare” was the motto of the Boy Scouts; “Be Prepared”. I have an older brother who was a scout for many years. I suppose this falls into the “bits of useless information permanently stuck in your brain” category. In addition to what a boy scout would ordinarily need for a camping trip or some other scouting outing, I tried to think of the most absurd thing possible. So “Freddie,” we’ll call him, wanting to be a good scout, is checking off all the necessities: canteen, knife, compass, utensils, and of course a Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator. One never knows when the world’s largest and highest-energy proton-smasher might come in handy! Originally I had something different, and a lot more wicked and inappropriate drawn in it’s place. Luckily my husband talked me out of it. So here is my question to you my friends: What odd item would you like to see little Freddie pack for his trip?

I know, this is a week late, I never got around to finishing it on time. I’ll be posting this week’s “twirl” shortly, so see you there.
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