(Sung to the tune of Turkey in the Straw)

We have had a record breaking hot, dry summer on the east coast. Finally earlier this week there was a drenching rain that lasted all day long, and it was a welcome relief to everyone. I’m a teacher and I’ve been working at my school’s summer program. The morning after the big rain the children started arriving with different body parts swollen from mosquito bites. The wet weather must have revived the mosquito population, and they were hungry. One by one the poor little tykes marched into class, practically eaten alive. I saw all of the above and more. One kid looked like he was growing horns. I shouldn’t make fun of a child’s misfortune, but kids are resilient, and they give me a run for my money every day anyway.

The identities have been changed to protect the innocent and, well, a mosquito’s got to eat too!

This piece is a nod to Edward Gorey, a big influence of mine. I love his style, his dark humor, and his wicked point of view.