Phyllis couldn’t exactly remember when buying underwear got so complicated. There were so many styles and fabrics to choose from, it made her head spin. She usually ended up taking her chances with the packs in the imperfect bin. They were just as good; maybe some stitching was a little off, but she didn’t care. Just as long as they breathed and provided good coverage. Her mother always used to say, “Your bloomers should fit your bum and have good ventilation,” and ” Shoes with good support can help you get through anything.” These were pieces of advice Phyllis carried with her, especially when in a shopping dilemma such as this one.

I agree with Phyllis. Underwear buying can be a bit daunting (and more so for women than for men). All men have to decide is whether to go with boxers or briefs.

So I pose this question to all you gentle readers: what style of undy is your preference?

P.S. I have missed the fun and games here at Illustration Friday for while now. I almost lost my mom a few weeks back. We grieved, made all the arrangements, even had our minister give the last rights. Then against the odds, she recovered, but sadly to a very low functioning condition. Getting back to the drawing board makes me feel almost human again!