“We are such stuff
As dreams are made on; and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep.”

These beautiful words written by William Shakespeare came to mind while pondering the word “asleep.” It is a snippet from The Tempest, where Prospero, a sorcerer, has staged a short play in honor of his daughter Miranda’s wedding to the Prince of Naples, and has just given a speech. This play along with the many other pageants and stage works written by Shakespeare were performed in London at the open air theater The Globe.

In my drawing I imagine myself asleep, and high above the actors. I am an ancient architectural element, known as a Green Man on a stone wall, or in this case a Green Woman. Green Men are often stone carvings that frequently can be found on churches, cathedrals, and other secular buildings. They would be a face made up entirely of leaves and other vegetation, and can be seen in various art forms in cultures all around the world.

Though it may seem like it, I haven’t been smoking anything green! It’s just spring time and I’m feeling inspired! 🙂