Journey to Be

I think I’ll journey out some day to wondrous lands afar,
Or even chart a journey to a distant blazing star.
But rest assured that where my journey sees to take me to,
Always know that when I go, this journey takes you too.

We’ll start our journey out from here by horse and cart of old,
The seaside docks – and journey pauses – where we shall behold
A noble schooner for the journey primed to launch as planned:
To sail with dolphins cross the seas then journey back on land.

Refreshed, our journey takes a turn – we’ll venture back for home,
But first we’ll let the journey take a tangent just to roam.
And in the winding route, this journey’s bound to bide content,
But most of all take heed – let’s make our journey life’s event.

-Mark R Slaughter

These travelers are my maternal grandparents, Elizabeth and Joseph. This is how I imagined they might have looked as they first arrived in America with their young son, Joseph Jr. I referred to framed portraits of them that have always hung in my family’s home for their likenesses. I wanted it to look like an old photo so I kept it in graphite. My grandmother had my mom late in life, and my mom had me late in life, therefore this would have taken place a long time ago. All three of these folks were gone before I was born. I am the youngest of all their grandchildren. To give you an idea of the span of ages, the oldest of the grandchildren, the daughter of the little boy pictured here, just died last year. She was 93—my first cousin!

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