The time of the robot has come. You can run, but they will catch up. They are faster, stronger, and becoming smarter than you. Eventually you will surrender to their dominion.

Come on, face facts, give up , you have no choice but to yield to their will. Maybe they just want to be friends.

Cry Uncle! Wave the white flag! Roll over! You must submit to their powers! Party on little robot dudes!

Maybe I went slightly overboard this week. I woke up on Saturday morning with one thing on my mind. Must make robots! I had never made a robot before, nor had I ever thought of making a robot. While pondering the meaning of surrender, it just entered my crazy brain. Kind of like a robot invasion. I couldn’t help but give into them! I’m a bit embarrassed that I had so much junk readily on hand. I even had the liquid nails adhesive. Working them into an illustration was a challenge. I wanted to include them all, hence the three panels. Hope you like it.