“Dust of Snow” was written by Robert Frost. A short poem, it is moody and full of descriptive imagery, yet it contains no adjectives, similes or metaphors. Frost certainly was a master wordsmith.

I was driving to work on Friday with the word “dusty” on my mind. Navigating the icy, snowy roads in winter is a very nerve-wracking experience. I was in a grumpy morning mood and yearning for warmer weather. The sun was glaring on the snow that had fallen the night before and I was having difficulty seeing. My drive takes me along a road that runs parallel to the Delaware River, and trees form a canopy over the roadway. Gusts of wind were blowing talcum-powdery snow from the branches and it looked like glitter in the sunlight. It reminded me of this Robert Frost poem, and I really did have a change of mood, just as the poem says. I didn’t see a crow but I did see a tree full of vultures. Well, they’re black, anyway!

This is me standing in snow. My scarf and hat are a dusty rose color.