For the IF concept of “spooky,” I immediately thought of my current living situation and a sometimes unnerving aspect of it. A year and a half ago I moved back to the family farm with my husband, to take care of my ailing parents and to help prepare the place for eventual sale. Right now it’s about making my mom comfortable in what remaining time she has. (Sorry, depressing!) I’m enjoying living in a spacious barn on the property, loaded with old beams, lots of light and… possibly… a ghost(?) Years ago my folks had an apartment built for my mother’s older sister in the downstairs part of the barn. She lived there for many years as my siblings and I grew up and moved away. My Aunt was like another mother, always a loving and supportive presence for us. She was the first relative that I was really close to who passed on, and that was about twenty years ago. Since then there may have been a number of “visits” paid by my Aunt to the old homestead. My father, the practical engineer, reportedly witnessed her drifting along—with no legs—toward the sink in his kitchen. My nephew claims to have seen her hiding behind a tree in the yard. One might want to explain away these visual cogitations as imaginary. However, tenants in both the upper and lower barn apartments over the years have seen apparitions. These unrelated people have all described a woman, in detail, whom they have seen in a vaporous form, a woman that fits the description of my Aunt. The last sighting was by the tenants who were moving out as we were moving in. There is a faint graffiti scratched into a wall in my bathroom, that says “HAUNTED” with a face that looks eerily like my Aunt. I have imagined her appearances to look something like the illustration here. She always had to have a little gift to give you; here she is offering a ribbon, collections of which she kept in an apothecary jar on the floor. Her apartment is presently vacant.

One night with a candle and a glass of wine in hand, I bravely sat alone in the downstairs apartment, and called out to her. I would like to see her, one more time, before we leave this beautiful property, forever.

I don’t have an explanation for any of this. Even though I think most of the ghost-hunting shows on the airwaves are hogwash, I do try to keep an open mind….