“Make It Another Old Fashioned Please” was written in 1940 by Cole Porter. The folks that you see here have just ordered another round of drinks of the same name. The photograph that I used as reference was taken from this time period (maybe a few years later) at the famed nightclub The Copacabana in New York City. They are my husband’s family, having a night out on the town. From the left is Uncle Sonny, Aunt Connie, my husband’s mom Chickie, and his dad Patsy. They were regular visitors on a Saturday night and would catch such acts as Tony Bennett, Billie Holiday, Louie Prima and Frank Sinatra. The setting was very intimate, the singers at times being just a few feet away. One evening, Frank Sinatra was singing some beautiful love song, and through the entire performance he stared at Chickie, seeming to be singing to her. Afterward Patsy went up to him and asked, “Were you flirting with my wife?” Sinatra replied, “I’m sorry I thought she was someone else.” Mannaggia!

If you take a minute to listen to the audio clip, it’s of my husband, another “Patsy,” singing and playing ukulele on “Make It Another Old Fashioned Please.” Hope you enjoy.

Recipe for an Old Fashioned:

1 jigger rye (or bourbon) whiskey
1 slice of orange
1 Maraschino cherry
1 cube of sugar
Dash or two of bitters

Place fruit and sugar and dashes of bitters into a heavy rocks glass. Mull with spoon or pestle. Add ice and pour in whiskey. Vi auguriamo una buona salute!