I have drawn a representation of one of the Five Wisdom Kings from Japanese esoteric Buddhism, called Fudo or the Immovable One in English. He is considered the most important of the Wisdom Kings and is always featured in the center of the others in works of art. He is the patron diety of the year I was born, the year of the rooster. He holds a sword symbolizing wisdom cutting through ignorance, in the other hand he holds a rope to bind evil forces, and is surrounded by flames that burn away all material desires. In Tibetan Buddhism he is called Miyo Wa and is usually shown wearing a crown of skulls.

When I was twenty years old I had the great honor of having a private audience with a Tibetan priest named Dudjom Rinpoche on one of his visits to the United States. Rinpoche is a title given to highly regarded Buddhist holy men, meaning “precious one”. Dudjom Rinpoche was considered to be a completely enlightened being in every way. It is said that any one that had any contact with him, saw him, heard him or even thought of him would be free from suffering. We sat on plush cushions in the lotus position on the floor facing one another. He asked for a small lock of my hair and proceeded to chant and pray. He rang a bell with his left hand and held a dorje in his right hand. The dorje represents the indestructable or immovable state of Buddha. He became very quiet, took my hand in his, smiled warmly, and looking me right in the eye said “Your name shall be Kunga Palden, one who makes everyone happy.” ( Whoa! )

Fudo symbolizes the very essence of Buddhism; the immovable mind, one that is detached, that doesn’t become fixated on any one thing but flows while staying centered. I took a little understanding of it with me on that day all those years ago. The true mastery of life… go with the flow.