The Tremont family were recently featured in Topiary Enthusiasts Magazine. They have been the talk of their home town of Bushville, Ohio ever since the article was published. “It’s been like a whirlwind ever since we did the interview” said Hedgely Tremont, concerning the recent turn of affairs. “My wife Ivy and I just wanted to start a new hobby that we could do with the family.” Little did Mr. Tremont know the attention his new found project would attract. “At first it was just the neighbors who came around out of curiosity. Don’t get me wrong, we were happy to invite them into the yard to have a look. When we saw the looks on the kids’ faces, it was all worth it.” The Tremont family have been carving some fanciful figures from the greenery on their property for two years now. “When we first began it was simple shapes like cones, spheres and cubes. Later we branched out to more complex forms like various animals. It’s all for the kids,” said Mr. Tremont in the recent article. Even his two children, Iris and Basil, have taken part in the creation of some of the topiary sculptures. When a reporter recently asked the smallest of the Tremonts, Iris, where she first began her apprenticeship into her topiary carving heritage, she simply replied, “At Moss Sphere!”*

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