A Prolific Propagator

John Chapman, aka Johnny Appleseed (1774–1845), was an American pioneer and nurseryman, considered a legend in his own time. Chapman was a leader in the cause of conservation of natural resources. He raised apple trees in nurseries and sold and gave away trees to farmers and orchardists throughout the American Midwest.

Chapman was very austere in his lifestyle, and wore simple clothing and no shoes, even in the winter time. He gave away most all of his own possessions, leaving himself only the barest of essentials. He would barter goods for his trees, and often he would not even press for payment. Throughout his entire life, he was known to wander from county to county.

Chapman was a lover of animals and ate a vegetarian diet. He would take in horses that were no longer wanted or needed, and would even acquire animals that were sick and due to be put down. He would pasture them and bring them back to good health and then offer the rehabilitated animals to people who would promise to care for them.

In his lifetime, true to his legend, Johnny Appleseed really did personally propagate thousands of apple trees around the mid-western states of Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.

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