The Conspiracy of Inanimate Objects

So far for the weekly I.F. word prompt, I’ve always represented the first idea that comes to mind. I try exploring other approaches but I inevitably return to the original thought. In the case of this week’s “clumsy” I immediately thought of my husband Pat (sorry honey!) He is notoriously clumsy, always has been, probably always will be. If there is something to bump his head into, stub his toe or cut his finger on he will find it. I’ve learned to not become too attached to anything fragile. He tries to make the most of this unfortunate natural tendency. One time we had dinner guests and he was bringing a dish of ice cream (mistake) to the table. Three scoops slid off the plate onto the floor, we snickered, “there goes Pat again”. When he picked up the three scoops and started juggling them we all became hysterical with laughter! He has many talents, he’s an excellent cook, plays a mean ukulele, and he helps me with Photoshop when I need it. So thanks for the maybe less-than flattering inspiration. Love ya!