The mountains are calling and I must go
—John Muir

For Illustration Friday’s recent challenge, Wilderness, I considered drawing one of North America’s most ardent early environmentalists, John Muir. Muir worked tirelessly throughout his life to convince politicians to protect some of the country’s most beautiful wilderness areas. He would go camping with President Theodore Roosevelt and in their discussions Muir’s influence would lead Roosevelt to champion the idea of America’s National Parks. John Muir co-founded the Sierra Club, an organization that still exerts influence in helping to conserve natural resources.

For references I used a photograph (credited to the Library of Congress) of Muir sitting by a lake, and for the mountain scape, I referred to an Ansel Adams photo. The drawings were done in pen and ink with colored pencil tinting. I cut out the drawn components and configured them into a 3-D diorama which was photographed for this submission.